Our Mission & Values

Learn more about our core values and what drives us.


To become a leading real estate development firm offering exceptional homes to deserving families while creating a positive social impact for the local communities and neighborhoods that we work


Our core values shape our culture, our actions and our company each and every day. Each principal and team member share our core values which is critical to our success.

  • Integrity - We will practice honest and ethical behavior at all times and without exception. We will always strive to do "the right thing" regardless of the short term implications of our actions.
  • Pursuit of Excellence - Our business is full of challenges and unforeseen obstacles. We will "stick to the plan" and maintain our constant focus on the details that reallly matter. We will always be ready and willing to put in the extra work required to meet our objectives. We accept that there will be no shortcuts to our success and we will strive to raise the standards of all around us through our own example.
  • Teamwork - Our success is a collective succcess and only by working together and appreciating and understanding each other strengths and weaknesses as well as our differences can we reach our true potential.
  • Honest and Open Communication - We will provide accurate and timely information to all of our internal and external stakeholders at all times and openly share ideas with each other in a way that encourages spirited discussion, debate and a free flow of ideas.
  • Bring Passion to Our Work - We seek to approach each day and task with enthuasiasm and to renergize ourselves through celebration of our successes and from the lessons learned from our mistakes. We want to attract others that share our passion and joy for the work that we do and to build a positive environment that influences everything that we do.
  • Social Impact - We strive to make a difference in the world through our work. We will only pursue opportunities and activities when we feel that we can acheive this impact from our actions. We will constantly seek out relationships with those people and organizations that can help us create this impact.