Asset Management

Community Rebuild Partners (“CRP) is a leading west coast asset management firm specializing in the acquisition, renovation and resale of distressed residential real estate in a way that improves neighborhoods and creates sustainable housing opportunities for deserving families. 

CRP provides asset management services for both CRP affiliates and 3rdparty property owners.  CRP’s focus is to “transform” residential properties that are in poor or sub-par condition into highly desirable feature rich homes that are tastefully designed and tailored to today’s modern home buyers and renters.  CRP’s operating platform is able to complete most full cycle projects in less than 100 days through an experienced team of asset managers that work closely with leading realtor, general contractors and local specialty contractors in a coordinated manner.  CRP's in-house design resources are constantly seeking new and better ways to deliver the highest quality features and amenties for our clients in a cost-effective manner.