Investment Management

CRP Capital is an innovative investment management company that seeks to be the residential investment of choice for a select group of high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors seeking superior, risk-adjusted returns through investing in residential real estate in a socially responsible manner. 

CRP Capital achieves our investment goals through extensive research, rigorous analysis and unprecedented local market knowledge.  Our hands-on approach to managing each investment from start to finish and access to proprietary sourcing and our utilization of CRP's high performance operating platform  allows us to deliver strong, predictable and consistent performance for our investors.  We seek to provide best in class reporting, transparency and communication to all CRP investors while also seeking to provide unique insight into the residential markets in which we invest.


Investment Strategy

The word “invest” comes from the Latin vestire - literally meaning “to wrap oneself up in something.”  Our principals do this with each of our investments by completely aligning ourselves with our investors.  CRP principals always make substantial co-investments in each transaction we engage in and stay actively involved from acquisition to final disposition of each asset.  

When making investments and evaluating opportunities, we focus on the following key factors:

  • Investing in markets and assets only in which we possess deep understanding
  • Acquiring properties at significant discounts to our perceived current value
  • Identifying opportunities that we can create meaningful value using our skills and platform
  • Understanding and managing risks
  • Using prudent, cost effective leverage
  • Always understanding the exit

CRP Platform Approach

We seek to produce consistent and predictable investment results through leveraging the operating platform built and managed by CRP.  This platform consistes of experienced and talented asset managers, top local real estate agents and contractors and a diverse team of other partners such as lenders, escrow officers, title officers, marketing partners and other professionals that help to deliver value to all stakeholders including our investors.  We believe that the strength and performance of this operating platform is a key advantage in helping us deliver superior returns for our investors and offers CRP investors a significant differentiator from other residential real estate investment options.